Your Professional Partner for Parts, Products, and Services

Uni-Sources is a professional service center, focused on delivering quality parts, innovative products, and comprehensive repair/re-manufacturing services for a wide range of consumer electronics. With facilities operating in Taiwan, China, and South American. Uni-Sources offers a robust solutions that are geared towards addressing your most demanding supply chain needs. Leveraging in-house technologies and a network of qualified affiliates, Uni-Sources offers direct access to a clean and simple ecosystem for all your consumer electronics needs. 


Covering mobile handsets, tablet devices, LCDs, and other portable consumer electronics is our expertise. Contact our sales representatives to understand how Uni-Sources can help your supply chain today. 
We have proven industry experience in servicing re-manufacturing contracts and parts rework for a wide range of consumer electronics brands including: 
 Apple 
 Asus
 BlackBerry 
 Cisco 
 HP 
 hTC 
 LG 
 Microsoft 
 Motorola 
 Nokia 
 Samsung 
 Sony